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Event: Sonoma County Fair

Fair Fun If you are visiting from out of town, or have moved here from New York City, forget wine tasting this weekend—you don’t know Sonoma County until you’ve been to the Sonoma… Continue reading

Featured Food: Zucchini

Nadja’s Stuffed Zucchini Ingredients 1 or 2 monster-sized zucchini 3-4 cups rice (cooked) 1 box of mushrooms (crimini or white button) 1-1.5 lbs. ground turkey or pork with Italian spices (you can ask… Continue reading

Featured Flower: Oleander

Oleander Oleander a dangerous beauty.  With its spear-shaped leaves and tropical-looking flowers, it lends an island feel to yards and public places throughout California.  These evergreen shrubs grow to be quite tall and… Continue reading