Here at Simply Sonoma, our staff includes:

Chief Editor, Photographer: Nadja Masura
Born and raised in West Sonoma County to a family very involved in community building activities (including: Sister Cities, CCOF and FOG, disabilities groups, and the Occidental Community Choir), Nadja Masura has always loved the beauty of the place and the flowers that grow here. An avid photographer and sometimes artist/writer/performer she has been involved in several local community arts organizations. She also holds multiple degrees in Theatre and in Multimedia, including a Ph.D. in Digital Technology from the University of Maryland (MITH). She is also known for a silly sense of humor, due to her early years spent watching Monty Python, Faulty Towers, and SNL.

Food Editor: Rachel Crockett
Rachel Crockett lived in the town of Sonoma for several years, while studying for an M.A. in Arts Administration at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Work has taken her elsewhere, yet she continues to enjoy the food and culture of the region. She finds that cooking for artists is the best (temporary) escape from managing their grant applications. She is also a talented photographer and mixes a mean melon ball.

Copy Editor and Contributor: Jim Marcolina
Although Jim Marcolina grew up in the South Bay, the slower pace and rich history here have made his sixteen years here the most rewarding. Upon buying a historic house in Healdsburg, he paid a visit to learn some local history and has not stopped since. Whether it’s working in the telecom or web publishing scene, contra dancing at a grange hall, or enjoying our unique rolling landscape, Sonoma County is his home. Jim earned his B.A. in English at San Jose State University. He is also the proud father of two beautiful Corgis, likes to create worlds in Blender, and knows more about Tolkien than I thought possible.

Technical Director and Contributor: Peter Rogers
Peter Rogers fell in love with Sonoma County the very first time he visited the love of his life at her parents’ quirky home in the west county over twenty years ago. He moved to Rohnert Park sixteen years ago and later moved to Santa Rosa to be closer to the action. Peter earned his M.A. in Theatre from Western Washington University. His interests include theatre, cinema, writing, juggling, art, and most things science fiction. He is also a talented actor, kind person, and a very good parent to two cats (including one that would give Garfield a run for his money in the attitude department).

Home & Relaxation Contributor: Lyn Cessna
Lyn Cessna holds a graduate degree in Education from USF. After leaving the south (L.A.) to attend SSU, Lyn fell in love with the Sonoma lifestyle and settled here with her husband and several animals. She is involved in the local scene and loves biking, making beer, tending her bees, and working in her garden. Her goth-steampunk-hipster exterior belies a sweet creamy center.