Event: Pigs & Pinot 2013

This past weekend, downtown Healdsburg witnessed the 2013 Pigs & Pinot benefit celebration, a lineup of food and wine seminars, tastings and cook-offs, with all net proceeds benefiting an impressive range of scholarships… Continue reading

Featured Food: Mustard Greens

Oven Roasted Mustard Greens with Bacon Ingredients: 1 Head (6-7 ounces) mustard greens, roughly chopped 3 Slices of bacon (diced) 1 Tablespoon balsamic vinegar Salt and pepper to taste Method: Preheat oven to… Continue reading

Featured Flower: Cala Lilly

Calla lilies emerge again each spring on stately stalks, unfurling like flags, heralding spring and announcing warm sunny days to come.  Their trumpet-like shape, created by the spiral unfolding of one large milky… Continue reading