Featured Flower: Violets


Violets, also known as viola, are a genus of flowering plants with hundreds of species throughout the world.  They prefer damp, partially shaded conditions.  Violets usually come in purple, but also appear in various shades including yellow and white.

Violets evoke lines from Shakespeare.  They also have a sweet, heady fragrance that has long been tied to romance.  They have been used in nosegays, soaps, and perfumes to provide the wearer a sweet, sensuous scent.  Violets are sometimes used to flavor candies, or even as a basis for the candy, as in the case of the Violet Pastilles from Flavigny.

Short of stature, violets are one of the first welcome visitors to our spring gardens, and bring a beautiful color and scent despite their demure size.  Tied to folklore and Greek myths, the violet connotes innocence, humility, a love that is delicate, and a retiring modesty.