Featured Flower: Mustard


Yellow Mustard Flowers

Spring officially starts next week, but with the Daylight Savings shift “springing forward,” and fruit trees blossoming for a couple weeks now—it’s easy to see that spring has already found SonomaCounty.  As beautiful as the bird songs and pink puffs of plumb trees in bloom are, nothing says spring like a wide open field of bright yellow painting the landscape.  It’s such a happy sight, and the bright hue is somehow whimsical like having our very own yellow brick road.


The wild mustard found in many of our fields and pastures is not native but pervasive.  Young, tender mustard stems and leaves can be steamed and eaten.  One good place to enjoy the yellow mustard is along the Joe Rodota Trail, which runs along Hwy 116 between Santa Rosa and Sebastopol and is a great place to ride bikes or walk.  But the best view of mustard flowers is on your back looking up at the sky.