Featured Food: Mint


Cooling Yogurt Mint Pops


1 16-oz. container of zero fat vanilla Greek yogurt
½ cup milk
3 7-inch sprigs of mint

¼ cup finely grated dark chocolate


Go outside and pick 3 seven-inch stalks of healthy mint.  Wash and clean well.  Put best leaves into a blender.  Empty contents of yogurt container into blender.  Pour in milk.  Blend well.  Place one mint leaf into each compartment of popsicle mold.  Pour blender contents into popsicle mold, insert popsicle tops (sticks) into mold.  Place mold on a level surface in your freezer overnight.  Enjoy!

For a more decadent dessert, finely grate ¼ cup of dark chocolate into your blender.  Or you can use hot chocolate mix.  Or you can use coco with a sweetener like agave.

Recipe by Nadja Masura