Featured Flower: Rose


Love.  True love, friendship, purity, romance, beauty.  Juliet asks: “Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?”  Perhaps, but few flowers have reached the universal symbolic recognition and resonance of roses.  Their aroma has been used in perfumes for centuries.  Their shape is inviting like a spiral unfolding a deep sensuous mystery.


Roses are perhaps the most common flower used in the floral industry, yet they can be anything but commonplace with colors ranging from white, yellow, peach, pink, coral, red, to even purples and mottled combinations and shades in between.


Red = love, passion


Pink = happiness, friendship, beauty, admiration


Yellow = friendship, joy, remembrance


White = innocent, purity, love at first sight


yellow & orange= passionate thoughts


Peach = let’s get together

(Other, red & white =unity, purple= enchantment and love at first sight)

Rose shapes range from single rows of petals, your classic rose form, to a pom-pom effect.

subject11_rose_19  subject11_rose_15

The intensity and fruitiness of their bouquet vary (tea roses tend to be very fragrant) and there are many sizes and some climb and can be used to add height to your landscaping.

subject11_rose_30  subject11_rose_01

Roses are bred to have certain characteristics often new breeds are grafted onto old plant rootstock.  They come in thousands of variations and some are even native to this area.


subject11_rose_06  subject11_rose_03

(Here you can see a rose hybridizing.  And here you can see the purple rootstock emerging from within the Yellow Peace Rose that was grafted to it.)

Here are some great places to check out roses locally.

Be sure to mark your calendar for this year’s Rose Parade in down town Santa Rosa on May 18th.