Featured Flower: Hydrangea



Hydrangeas are fairly common garden flowers that could be easily overlooked, due to a long flowering season (but not their size).  However, hydrangeas are really quite remarkable flowers.  They are one of the most commonly depicted floral shapes in graphics today.  They can be seen on everything from tissue boxes, to notebook covers, and patterns in fabric.  Although they do not generally have a scent, hydrangeas often carry the memory of home and the imagery of relaxation because of their familiarity as landscaping bushes.   


The small, usually four-petaled flowers which compose the pom-pom like tufts (which may be either tight or loose, depending on the type) range in shape from ovoid to pointy.   

subject15_hydrangea_27 subject15_hydrangea_1

subject15_hydrangea_18 subject15_hydrangea_21

Not only do they bloom for long periods and come in a range of colors from white to blue and pink to purple, but they are lovely even when dried.  (It has been said that the amount of acid in the soil determines whether they will be blue or appear pink.) You can even get multiple colors on one bush.

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The same blooms can change color throughout their season from a pale green to light pink or blue to a deeper shade, then fade into purples and rusts and turquoise as they age.  Because of this change in color and texture they are useful for both wedding bouquets and corsages, and for fall wreaths.  Hydrangeas are serene, unassuming flowers which offer comfort and warmth to the home.

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