Featured Flower: Fuchsia


Fuchsia’s delicate blooms inspire thoughts of tiny ballet dancers.  One can imagine that over time as they unfurl in stages, they emerge from a tight cocoon, to a dancer in full spin with delicate feet and legs handing down over a gown with arms outstretched.  (Their multicolored layers also resemble the layers of a ball gown.)

Dressed in pinks, purples, and reds these flowers have a set of delicate inner petals and a set of stiffer outer petals, as well as a protruding stamen.

subject23_fuchsia12 subject23_fuchsia02

subject23_fuchsia01 subject23_fuchsia08

subject23_fuchsia09 subject23_fuchsia10

Often used as hanging plants, they are loved by humming birds.  They are not often used in cut arrangements, but fuchsia plants make a beautiful gift and symbolize verity and romantic love (perhaps relating to their cupid-like shape).

Text and photos by Nadja Masura